We Help You Manage Evictions in Portland, OR with Sensitivity and Expertise

Evictions, as every landlord knows, can be an unavoidable yet complex and sensitive part of property management, especially considering Oregon’s recent Eviction Protection Act (HB 2001). Whether it’s a minor annoyance or an unexpected crisis that threatens to spiral out of control, handling evictions requires not only strict adherence to the law but also a delicate touch that recognizes the human element involved.

At The Garica Group, we understand that eviction is not just a legal process; it’s a challenging period that affects the lives of both landlords and tenants. With our dedicated team and specialized plan, we’ll guide you through the complexities, ensuring compliance with laws and ordinances, saving you time, and working to accomplish the best possible outcome.

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We’re Here for You When It Matters Most for Compliant Eviction Management Guidance Throughout the Greater Portland Metro Area.

Evictions are never a desired outcome, but when they become necessary, having a well-structured plan and a skilled team by your side can make a significant difference in achieving a successful result.

Our commitment extends beyond legal expertise. We provide strategic guidance, financial assistance, and expert representation throughout the process.

With our Eviction Mitigation Plan, we proactively safeguard your interests, offering financial assistance and expert advice to ensure a favorable outcome.

How We Handle Evictions in Portland, Oregon

Navigating through eviction is a labyrinth of legal procedures and specificities that can feel overwhelming. Here at The Garcia Group, we understand the gravity of each step, and we guide you through our robust eviction management process in Oregon with precision and expertise.

  • Serving the Notice of Termination: There are six legally recognized methods to serve a Notice of Termination in Oregon, each tailored to different situations. Whether it’s No Cause, Just Cause, or any of the other four categories, we’ll ensure the correct method is utilized.
  • Initiating the Process of Eviction: The eviction journey begins with the expiration of the notice of termination. At this moment, the eviction notice or “Forced Entry Unlawful Detainer” (FED) can be filed with the County Court, setting the legal gears in motion.
  • Court Appearance and Filing the FED: Upon the landlord’s request, we will have the FED filed within seven days, and the court will set the date for a First Appearance (within 21 days). If a trial is needed, another +/- 21 day calendar window may be applied.
  • The First Appearance Hearing: In cases of non-payment of rent, the Tenant’s Right of Redemption may come into play, allowing the tenant to pay and dismiss the case. Otherwise, the judge often encourages the parties to negotiate a settlement in the hallway, where Tenant Advocate lawyers may also assist.
  • Settlement or Trial: If a hallway settlement is not reached, the judge will set a trial date. Several jurisdictions, including Portland, provide legal aid to tenants to prevent evictions, but we’ll be there to guide you, representing your interests with vigor.

Staying up-to-date with evolving legislation, such as Oregon’s “Eviction Protection Ordinance” (HB2001), we are equipped to address the nuances associated with non-payment of rent cases. We approach each situation, emphasizing mitigation between tenant-landlord conflicts and striving for negotiated solutions whenever feasible.

Explore our services further, or contact us to discuss your unique situation. Together, we can find the best path forward.

Our Comprehensive Eviction Mitigation Plan – Tailored to Reduce Legal Risks for You


Designed with property owners in mind, our Eviction Mitigation Plan offers more than just legal guidance; it’s an all-encompassing strategy tailored for tenants we’ve placed or managed for over a year.

Here’s how our plan simplifies the eviction process and safeguards your interests:

Timely Notices: We ensure that all necessary notices are served to the Tenant promptly and within the legal time frames, eliminating guesswork and delays.

Expert Advice: As situations evolve, our seasoned professionals review and consult with our Owners, offering insight into the best options available.

Legal Fees Support: Unexpected legal fees can be daunting. With our plan, we cover up to $1,000 towards eviction filings and notices, alleviating financial stress.

Communication Facilitation: Legal interactions can be confusing. We act as a liaison, ensuring that all legal communications are conveyed accurately and understandably to all involved parties.

Personalized Assistance: From meeting the Sheriff during a forced lock-out to fine-tuning the details, we’re there in person to ensure that every step is carried out smoothly.

Striving for the Best Outcome: Your peace of mind is our priority. We work diligently with our Owners to strategize and accomplish the most favorable results possible.

At The Garcia Group, we believe in transforming the typically challenging eviction process into a manageable, stress-free experience. Our Eviction Mitigation Plan is a partnership that goes beyond legalities. Contact us today to find the support you need and deserve.

Customer Reviews


“The Garcia Group worked with us from our Virginia to Oregon move last summer and made everything so smooth and easy. A very responsive group! Marika went out of her way to help our long distance communication; she was an absolute professional, and yet personable, flexible and understanding of our circumstances. Any maintenance request I have had to put it has been met with immediate attention and help. Thank you! All! For everything.”


Jessica Bradley


“What a wonderful group of people to work with when making such a big change in your life friendly no pressure and always keeps you up-to-date highly recommended thank you guys.”


Nicole Mulhair

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At The Garcia Group, we take pride in being your partner in safeguarding your property investment against legal risks.

Contact us today to explore how our tailored plan can protect your interests and provide peace of mind in your property management journey.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve been extremely happy with The Garcia Group as my property manager. They’re fair and ethical, ensuring that my duplex gets all needed repairs and fixups for tenants. Communication has been great, they always respond, and with all the changes in landlord tenant laws they somehow keep track of how to handle it all. My duplex has been in great hands, and my tenants are treated well.  Lesa G.

We have been using the Garcia Group for many years to manage our single rental property. Throughout they have been professional, courteous and effective in every way. Every issue has been handled promptly and effectively through great communication! I highly recommend Ron and the whole team to handle whatever side of the rental world you happen to be in! Jason A.

Alec and Anna from the Garcia group were both very professional and attentive while helping us find our new place. Anna let us come tour as much as we needed, typically the next day, with quick responses. She brought along her new baby which made us feel much more at ease having our toddler here. Alec was extremely helpful and quick in responding during the entire process and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the Garcia group, by far the most professional and stress free rental process I have had so far. Elisa P.

We have found a huge benefit by having the Garcia Group manage our rental properties. They get the property ready for renters. Ron’s extensive experience in real estate gives us confidence in establishing a fair rental rate and knowing the current rules and laws. He and his staff manage the properties and consult with us only if there is a major issue. We are very satisfied and highly recommend The Garcia Group for anyone with rental properties. Tom J.

The Garcia Group has been the best property management company I’ve ever had the pleasure of renting from. I’ve been in one of their properties for over a year and a half now and hope it will be at least that again. They use a brilliant app to manage and track everything from rent payments (which I can make on my phone) to maintenance requests. Every time I’ve had an issue it has been handled promptly and professionally. It’s really nice renting from a company that cares, I’ve always felt valued as their customer. If you find yourself lucky enough to be looking at one of their properties to rent, you can rest assured that at least you’ll have a good landlord. Forest Z

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